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boscoe ♡ 292 ( +1 | -1 )
Advice for Beginners – and a bit of - new to chess excitement!

One thing, before ’I get flamed till I’m crispy’ I started playing chess about three months ago. I was challenged to a game by my next door neighbour, one drunken night…..he won. The rematch, when we were sober, was a different matter J…………..he won again… but it did take him a bit longer L. I DON’T PROFESS TO BE A CHESS MASTER – far from it, but, I now love chess – I’ve even bought a book!

So this is about what worked for me, to go from a person who, vaguely knew how the pieces moved, and had the bishops and the knights mixed up at the start of a game, to someone who has lost a few games here but also won a couple of games.

1. Play as much www.pogo.com as you can, there are people on there at all levels and chess with a time limit is very different game, to chess, when you can think about it. I do think the chance to play ten games a day rather than 10 games a month was invaluable for me – I lost the first five games I played on here because I basically hadn’t got a clue – I didn’t even know there are names for openings until I got my book!

2. Buy a book – don’t be put off by all the Bxc4 etc. there are sites on the web that explain all this, do a search for “chess notation” in google or the like. Its easy and after a while you just start understanding what they say by seeing B for bishop or N for Knight.

3. Download a chess game from the Gameknot – ‘ chess game PGN freeware shareware’ on google will get you one (I’m not recommending the one I use at the moment because I think there must be better available – maybe one of the old hands out there could recommend one?). The PGN is important because it will allow you to import games from Gameknot. Ii found it more usefull to download games from players of 1500 at first – look for the way they use traps, make you not move pieces because therer are higher pieces behind that are worth more (see 4) behind. How to get someone in checkmate etc etc etc. look at the moves and think – why did he do that and if you cant work it out, try moving on and then move back.

4. One of the first sites I found told me King=1,000,000 Queen=10, Rook=5, Bishop=3, Knight=3, Pawn=1 (then one more per square after the center of the board. Now I have read and played more this is, I know a bit simplistic but it still works as a ‘rule of thumb’

5. See 1.

As I said before – what do I know, but it seems to be working for me – I still enjoy playing!
I challenge those of you out there with decades more experience of chess than I have – please give us beginners a bit of advice!….. I will monitor this thread coz I could do with some.

Feel free to disagree, oppose, or in any and every way be in opposition to what I have said above – the more discussion the better!

P.S. I would love to play against anyone over 2000 just to see! I have challenged a few but all declined – “how are we to learn, but from a master” karate Kid 2 1996 (if you do challenge me please make it a 10 day game coz I don’t want to embarrass myself tooooo badly)

boscoe ♡ 14 ( +1 | -1 )
btw <<make you not move pieces because therer are higher pieces behind that are worth more (see 4) behind>> thats a pin isnt it?
boscoe ♡ 49 ( +1 | -1 )
ammendment 6. go for the centre - if you've got pieces ther or covering squares its amazing but if they attack you have more chance of having a bishop or knight to sort it out. Most games I have played or seen dont involve rooks untill the end. Castle as quick as you can - the book told me that (and to the kings side - you have less pieces to get out of the way).Get pieces out ASAP bishops and Knights.

7. Dont start a subject on a gameknot forum - you'll keep thinking of things you should have added!
honololou ♡ 46 ( +1 | -1 )
welcome… to the wonderful world of chess. I think your newfound
enthusiasm is great. I have also played at POGO and
enjoyed the thrill of playing against the clock, though since
I've discovered gameknot, I haven't been back there much.
Keep reading—there is a rich body of chess literature and
this site has many fine players who are very generous with
their time and advice. Good luck to you.
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sneaky ♡ 49 ( +1 | -1 )
tactics I'd like to add something:

STUDY TACTICS. Chess really is 99% tactics. All
this talk about pawn skeletons, piece mobility, good
bishops, bad bishops, etc., etc., will not help a
beginner half as much as just practicing with tactical

Pins, forks, skewers, x-ray attacks, diversions,
deflections, smothering, trapping a piece, discovered
attacks, discovered check, clearance sacrifices,
interference sacrifices, mating nets. These are the
ABC's of chess knowledge.