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batman_255 ♡ 13 ( +1 | -1 )
Opening Help Please I am kind of new to chess. I understand all the concepts except openings. Could somebody help me learn some good openings
stormfogel ♡ 53 ( +1 | -1 )
Opening concepts For understanding the concepts of the openings I can recommend this site www.chessbaseusa.com/NY1924/ny1924.htm

Try to pick up a book that explains openings you feel is OK with you and stick to them. You more you play them, the better you will master them.
I am usually using attacking with 1 e4 by John Emms and I have found the repertoir there interesting and in my taste, but I am sure there are many other, perhaps even better.
caldazar ♡ 123 ( +1 | -1 )
Opening concepts are similar to strategic concepts. Specifically, in the opening a player aims to:

1. Post his pieces so that they are more effective (perform useful functions) that those of his opponent. Also, it is important to keep one's king relatively safe from attack since (with exception, of course), the king is usually just a target in the opening and early middlegame (in late middlegames and endgames, the king becomes a useful attacking piece).
2.Control more space on the board (especially space in the center)
3.Deploy his pieces more rapidly than his opponent to obtain a lead in development since having more pieces in play gives a player a temporary superiority in force.
4.Disrupt his opponent's pawn structure while maintaining the integrity of his own (the idea being that pawn weaknesses and the associated weak squares in the pawn structure can become targets of attack)
5.Win material.

Opening play balances these basic things. For instance, a gambit trades away a pawn (accepting a disadvantage in #5) for other factors (say a lead in development or central control). Or you can try to damage your opponent's pawn structure while accepting a disadvantage in development. And so on.